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I+D+I Certificación de componentes Passivhaus: Windows Frame

Proveedor de Ventanales con certificación oficial Passivhaus, de Torinco S.L. en España



Description     I      Calculation model      I     Isothermal

Timber frame made of scots pine (0,13 W/(mK)) with three gaskets. Pane thickness: 24 mm (4/16/4//), rebate depth: 16 mm, spacer: SWISSPACER Ultimate


ThewindowU-valueswerecalculatedforthetestwindowsizeof1.23m×1.48mwithUg =0.70W/(m2K). If a higher quality glazing is used, the window U-values will improve as follows:





Transparent building components are classified into efficiency classes depending on the heat losses through the opaque part. The frame U-Values, frame widths, thermal bridges at the glazing edge, and the glazing edge lengths are included in these heat losses. A more detailed report of the calculations performed in the context of certification is available from the manufacturer.

The Passive House Institute has defined international component criteria for seven climate zones. In principle, components which have been certified for climate zones with higher requirements may also be used in climates with less stringent requirements. In a particular climate zone it may make sense to use a component of a higher thermal quality which has been certified for a climate zone with more stringent requirements.

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